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Intentional Celebration

Line Up

tba December  1st

The Venue

A gorgeous mansion overlooking the ocean in Pacific Palisades. This location is just off of Sunset where it meets PCH. It is just spectacular!! Check out the photos!

Planting New Seeds

Like the last two years, and yet in the spirit of always out-doing our previous efforts, we have not only an evening, but a whole truly special weekend in store for you!

Some of what we have planned is a surprise and still in the planning phase, but for now you can expect a "special gathering" on Saturday the 30th, and then on the 31st--New Years Eve--a multi-course catered dinner, connection games until 10 minutes 'til, and then as the clock encroaches midnight we will pass the "New Year Flame" to one another, and as one, countdown with raised candles in the air and love on our faces!! Then, all night dance party until past the break of dawn. 

What are connection games, you ask? These are guided interactive moments with other guests. We sit across from one another in couplets and small groups and ignite conversations that deepen connection to and understanding of ourselves and others.
For the uninitiated or those newly acquainted, it's great to interact and forge relationships before the party gets going, and for established friends it's an invitation to go a little deeper with one another. The idea is to enter the new year with a bit of reflection and a lot of grounding. Affinity is known for creating spaces that run the gamut from the intellectual and spiritual to the raging and raccous, and this night will be no exception!

For the last two years we have successfully curated an evening where we were connected, we were intimate, we were smiling at one another, and we were a family. We invite you all to be our co-creators in this experience. We want to create a space for reflection, celebration, release, intimacy, connectivity and love, and we want to give thanks over candlelight while making eye contact over a remarkably delicious feast. Let us feel the radiance of our smiles as we beam at each other. Let us join minds with the people we love and together plant the seeds for a brilliant year. May we express our gratitude for the old, and usher in the new, with our highest vision of self, each other, and the world!

Multi-Course Magic

Last year the long-discussed vision to have our special celebration catered by the magnificent BLOOM was finally realized, and far exceeded our expectations! We are abundantly pleased to announce that they will be providing us once again with their culinary mastery.


As you have come to expect, there will be no shortage of non-stop incredible music throughout the night to ensure the proverbial rug will be in shreds...Stay tuned for updates as we add DJs and live musicians to the lineup.

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