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JULY 21 - 25 | Lake Isabella, CA

The Affinity Gathering is a celebration of polarities, an exploration of our brightest selves and all of our shadows. We provide meditative spaces for deep introspection and joyous containers for explosive expressions. We are an all-participatory event, with the principles of radical inclusion and radical self-reliance embedded in our execution and ethos. And yeah, we have DJs and Dancing, and live music too...but this is the fruitage of the brilliant seeds mentioned above. This festival is unlike any that you have ever experienced. We don't seek to farm out for the best DJs or the highest grossing talent...we invite our friends. Together as friends, as community, and as attendees, the magic is created by the very same ones who pay to get in.


APRIL | Boulevard, CA

Resourcery, a new party paradigm: a transmutation of idea into action, achieved by a carefully curated elixir of inspirational, sustainable, conscious celebration. We imagine Resourcery as an artistic playground and intellectual summit. Your act, your song, your musical experiment can debut itself here, in front of a loving crowd invested in its success. This is also meant to be a meeting of intellects, a think tank for creating actionable ideas that will change our known world. We invite you to look deep within and ask, How can I serve? We invite you to look from a place of empowerment, joy and love. It is not about sacrificing ones self for others, but about channeling and directing your personal passions, skills and interests in a way that serves the whole.

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