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JUNE 6 - 10  |  @ Sky Oaks Ranch


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      Let us tell you a story, where you, event guest, are a main character in an adventure that spans seven archetypes: the creative, the intellectual, the spiritual, the sexy, the silly, the musical, and the cathartic. If you are a seven year veteran, its like reading your favorite book again, colored anew by the ever unfolding, dynamic shifts of your life. If you haven't joined for some years, you'll find the story and characters have changed, and both seem to possess a new depth and sophistication. If this is your first time, its an invitation to add your irreplaceable self to an eclectic cast of characters and be reunited with a family you never knew you had. 

      The Affinity Creation Team has written an elegant narrative that, like all the best books, starts with careful exposition, rises to fulfilling climax, and gently floats to resolution. Every part of the shared journey is created to draw you in to the narrative. If you join, powerfully chose to play with us in this story, which we have carved and refined for nearly a decade. 


    Dunbar’s Number posits that 150 is the number of individuals with whom any one person can maintain stable relationships. Integrating this knowledge into our event, every morning and evening there is a communal ceremony or workshop that brings the whole group of maximum 150 attendees into the same space to meet one another, make lasting connections, explore our own minds, reveal our hearts, and have a jolly good time! No matter when you join our retreat, within a few hours you’ll be swept up into our community vortex and made into an inextricable part of this web of Affinity.


      Culled from Greek philosopher Epicurus and ancient Kabbalistic wisdom, we have deeply rooted beliefs about the energy that is shared and the connections that are fostered when we break bread together. Additionally, our eating choices are some of the most impactful to the harmonic balance of this planet. With that in mind we endeavor to have the most sustainable, organic and local food served at our events. These delicious meals are served at 10am, 2pm, and 7pm on Friday & Saturday, and noon brunch and 7pm Sunday, under a chandelier-lit wedding tent and gilded curtains. Bring a pillow or zafu to sit on; we have long, low tables where we gather to eat food and meet your fellow Resourcerers. Meals are all inclusive with the ticket.


      We live by the credo Be the change you wish to see in the world, thus educational play is heavily weighted within everything we produce.  Every year we proudly offer relevant, potent workshops in the areas of personal development, self mastery, self expression, and conscious being of mind, body and soul.  The incredible variety of workshops that we offer range from communication to clown improvisation; from the power of words in our everyday lives to the connection between creativity and music; and from earthly stewardship to slacklining. In these metiers, the core Affinity family has roots through both career and academia, as well as hobby and play.


      We understand the importance and the impact of ceremonies as unifiers of the community.  Whether it be weddings or funerals, holidays or special non-holiday meals with friends or family, or simply a devoted group fitness practice--we recognize these moments of ceremony as shared culture that defines and magnetizes us. We take great care to not appropriate rituals that are not our own, but instead create ceremonies that match our culture of expression, fun, community and love. The nightly ceremonies we partake in are participation-oriented rituals that bring us together as a group and are key markers in the journey arc of the festival.


      Curated from community members' years of technical development is a truly extraordinary pool of musical & cirque-arts talent, that both opens and closes the event. In between we have fantastic moments of group activity set to the unique soundtracks of brilliant DJs.

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