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Look below for the absolutely RIVETING Educational Experiences we have in store for you.


Introduction to Flow Arts

by Celeste Verduzco

This workshop will introduce you to a variety of tools (fire and non-fire).  We are all unique, so some tools will resonate and others will challenge you. The flow arts are a fun way to learn and connect with your body as well as learning a new way to meditate through kinetic movement.  There will be dialogue about physics, dance, fears, healing, meditation, philosophy.  

Festival Culture & Death

by Lisa Dewey

There has been a lot of grief and loss in our community this year. Actual physical death and a lot of metaphorical/symbolic death. I believe when we start acknowledging the little deaths that happen every day, it removes the fear of the “big death”. What would happen if you started reframing transitions as death? The end of a relationship, the leaves falling off a tree in winter, changing a job, moving to a new city or even letting go of belief patterns that no longer serve you - can all be seen as practicing little deaths. Acknowledging the little deaths that happen every day, help remove fear and stigma from the “big death”. Burning Man culture does this really beautifully through burning art, making temporary structures and creating space for ceremony. As a festival goer you have been practicing. You know who your support team is, you know how to work through the emotions that come up. And if not now is the time to start practicing. Please join us as we create a space for you to work through whatever is coming up for you around big and little death.

Think of things that never die - zombies, vampires - they have to feed off the living. They lose part of their soul. They lose that vibrant alive part of themselves that get’s to truly enjoy the simplest joys. Things that are allowed to die - LIVE.

Creative Movement Workshop

by Olga Christodoulou

Calling all Shapeshifters, Alchemists, and Creative Genius' In this intro workshop, you will work with your chakras, the subtle energy centers of the body, and learn to consciously work with your entire energy field, to identify and “DOWNLOAD” desired patterns on command, unleashing your creative genius and entering your creative zone.


With a delicious blend of Ancient Eastern practices and brand new tools, you'll learn to open your energy and let your creative juices flow. You'll turn music, color and free-style movement into powerful tools to free your artistic genius!!! You will come away physically vibrant, mentally alert and emotionally present.


Through movements, sounds, affirmations and mini creative visualizations, these centers can be opened, or closed, on command and align to access parts of yourself that traditional acting and artistic training rarely explore. As you develop these tools, you will feel safer to take creative risks, unlocking greater personal power and presence, and easily access your emotional range.

The Curious Mating Habits of Marine Creatures

by Aerie Shore

Aerie is an avid animal and marine biology enthusiast. She studied these majestic subjects in Santa Barbara (CA) and Auckland (New Zealand). Her recreational pursuits include independent science communication as well as frequent forays into terrestrial and aquatic habitats, to observe strange creatures doing strange things. She resides in Melbourne, Australia, where she hosts rope bondage workshops, plays accordion, and immortalizes fur-bearing organisms with the keen art of taxidermy.

Integrating Psychadelics

by Meriana Dinkova

Psychotherapist and Ayahuasca retreats organizer Meriana Dinkova will share some cutting edge neo-shamanistic and psychological inner-space navigation tools to enrich your psychonaut toolkit and empower your inner shaman. These techniques can be used in non-ordinary states of consciousness in general, and are especially effective for optimizing the Ayahuasca experience. You will learn ways to maximize the learning and healing potential of psychedelic experiences, and will learn ways to recognize and avoid some common pitfalls. Some of the tools she teaches are for personal and interpersonal healing and for spiritual transformation, and others are specifically designed to facilitate integration.

Emerging Masculine

by Karl

For Men and Women, this is a powerful exploration into your masculinity. Through exercises of varying intensity and the support of each other, you will find your edges and push through them to find your power into purpose, fault into gift, fear into courage, hesitation into action, profane into Sacred. It will be serious, challenging and fun as we set out to strike the old paradigms of behavior and inauthenticity to cultivate trust, honor, resolve and raw masculine power to live your Destiny.

Yoga + Meditation

Hollis Doherty

HOLLIS DOHERTY is an actress, writer, director, and currency activist. She's been teaching yoga since 2009. Her class focuses on vinyasa flow, with an emphasis on stretching, strength, and feeling great in your body! She has attended every one of the Affinity Taurus events and made it out to Affinity in 2014. She is thrilled to participate this year and sends all her love!

Gretchen Karma

Gretchen Karma will be offering the most unique yoga experience you could possibly imagine, and never remember. We will ALL be needing a good stretch with all the traveling, and DANCING! Come and go-with-the-flow, be your BEST mess, in this blessed free-for-all!

Eric Peterson

Yoga For Spiritual Alchemy

A strong but gently-paced practice suitable for all levels designed to bring attention, awareness, and awakening into every corner of your being.

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